FreePlay Studios

Dylan is the owner/producer/engineer for FreePlay Studios, his home-based recording facility in Toronto. FreePlay Studios is an excellent solution for small-to-medium-sized recording projects, from demo recordings to full-length albums, as well as post-production or recordings tracked elsewhere.

Think you need an expensive big-time studio for a great-sounding record? Think again. Projects recorded and/or mixed here have won numerous awards including multiple CARAs (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards) and a 2006 Juno nomination for “Best Engineer”.

As a fellow independent artist, Dylan understands the indie musician’s needs and can offer discounted rates. Dylan will also accept work from multi-million-dollar megastars… if they’re nice people.

Passionate and dedicated to making the most of your music, Dylan brings his “big ears”, wide musical background, and easygoing personality to every project he works on.

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