Dylan at the IAJE

Dylan just returned from the International Association of Jazz Educators, where he gave a workshop on vocal percussion.

IAJE was fantastic! so many things to see, listen to and learn: it was like being in school again. Many thanks to all those who came to my workshop, for being so attentive, engaged, and fun. It was also exciting to reconnect with old friends, both professional and student.

At my workshop I promised to put some of the content on the website. It's more than I realized when written down, so I'll be adding "Part Two" soon. Since I don't have any books or DVDs published, I'm offering this as "freeware": download it for yourself with my compliments. My only request is that you email me so we can keep in touch. 

It's nice to have it all written down, but as all you educators know, nothing beats real live instruction! I'm planning to do a workshop tour sometime in the next year or two, so if you're interested in having me work with your ensemble, please drop me a line. Also, take a look at my "Education " page to see what I have to offer.

For examples of vocal percussion as described in the article, take a look at the "holiday greeting card" here on the front page, as well as the first few examples on the "performer: voice" page. Happy drumming!

 Vocal Percussion: The Art Of Vocal Drumming, Part One

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