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Listen: Voice

Check out these examples, listed by style. All parts sung by Dylan, recorded at FreePlay Studios.

{audio}Bebop Jazz – Skating (V Guaraldi)|Skating.mp3;R+B/Funk – I Wish (S Wonder)|DylanBell-RnB_Funk.mp3;Pop/Rock – Don’t Fix What’s Broken|Don’t Fix What’s Broken dB.mp3;Classical – Dona Nobis Pacem|Dona Nobis Pacem.mp3{/audio}

1. Jazz Scat: Skating (V. Guaraldi)
2. R+B/Funk:
I  Wish (S. Wonder)
3. Rock:
Don’t Fix What’s Broken (D. Bell)
4. Classical:
Dona Nobis Pacem  (D. Bell)