Dylan and Suba’s first performance tour of Germany and Holland… and we finally have a website, and a new CD!

It’s a funny thing… my wife Suba and I have been performing together for about 16 years now, and had never taken the Duo on the road! Not only that, but in all these years, we never recorded our own CD. We finally decided it was time to fix all that.

Over the years, the FreePlay Duo has developed from a straight-ahead piano-and-voice jazz duo to what we call “inspired eclecticism”: a multivocal, multi-instrumental program ranging from Bach to Charlie Parker, to Peter Gabriel, to world music. For this tour, we left the instruments at home to create an all-vocal program. Some pieces were simply two voices, and for others we used a “looping station”, allowing us to layer parts on-the-spot and create multi-voiced textures.

Our workshop-and-concert tour took us to Kassel and Vellmar (central Germany), Gorssel and Lochem  (Netherlands) and Kiel and Hamburg (northern Germany). We had wonderdul audiences the whole time, revisited some old friends, and made new ones. We look forward to going back next year!

Many thanks to Sybille Mayer (and parents Conni and Klaus), Guido Weber and Susanne Reitinger; Joep Hopstaken and Nathaly Mascle; as well as Till and Karin Kindschus and Martin and Katherin Carbow. Thank you for inviting us, and for your gracious hospitality. See you next year!

The FreePlay Duo thanks the Ontario Arts Council for their generous support of this tour.


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