Dylan Bell… showed off over three octaves without breaking a sweat.

Brent Stephens, Alliance for A Cappella Initiatives

According to my grandmother, I made my performance debut at age three, singing “O Danny Boy” to strangers at the doctor’s office. I kept a slightly-lower profile until age 16, when I made my stage debut as the Major-General in a high school production of “Pirates of Penzance.”

Throughout university, I sang in and directed Wibijazz’n’, the York University contemporary chorus, where I developed my jazz chops and my love for a cappella singing. I’ve been singing professionally, a cappella and otherwise, nonstop ever since.

I sing all styles from classical to rock, but my main focus is on a cappella ensemble singing, and bebop scat-soloing.

On Stage

From 2003-2006, I toured around the world as first tenor for Canada’s premiere a cappella vocal band Cadence . I currently tour the world singing with several projects: solo, with the pan-stylistic FreePlay Duo, the 1980s top-40 a cappella band Retrocity, vocal-jazz quartet Hampton Four, and sang with the Nathaniel Dett Chorale. Performance highlights include:

  • Impromptu performances with vocal maestro Bobby McFerrin
  • Performances for Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Oscar Peterson
  • Jamming onstage with music legend Les Paul
  • Performing at the Canadian Embassy in Washington for the inauguration of President Obama

In The Studio

I often work as a session singer, and have sung on Hollywood film soundtracks, radio and television jingles, and major-label albums. I love session-singing, and this is what I bring to the studio:

  • perfect pitch
  • extended vocal range
  • strong sightreading skills
  • multistylistic, from classical to rock
  • exceptional knowledge of complex harmony (no hand-holding required, producers!)
  • ability to create “on the fly” vocal arrangements and scores
  • vocal directing/producing skills

Over the years I have developed an extensive network of fantastic singers, and also work as a vocal contractor. As a producer, arranger and performer, I am familiar with all angles of production. I understand what you need, and I know who can deliver.