If instruments are languages, then the piano is my mother tongue. Originally classically-trained, I joined the Dark Side when I found my Dad’s copy of Miles Davis’ Kind Of Blue and became hooked on jazz. I eventually found myself studying jazz and contemporary improvisation at York University, and wound up with a Specialized Honours degree.

But it didn’t stop there: my curious ears and hunger for musical knowledge keep my playing style wide-open. I’ve played with all sorts of people in all sorts of styles: straight-ahead jazz (solo, FreePlay Duo), R+B/soul (the Soul Foundation), world fusion (Autorickshaw , Kobena Aaqua Harrison), contemporary free improvisation, classical-meets-electronica (Lara St. John), rock (Honeymoon Suite)… and just about anything else in between.

I probably wouldn’t win any prizes for speed or technical athleticism: I’m about trying to be a sensitive, communicative player,  bringing a unique voice to the table while remaining open and faithful to the music and the moment.

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