I spent this weekend writing not one, but two songs. The first was inspired during Earth Hour: I turned off all the lights and just played guitar for an hour, alone, staring out my window at the dimmer-than-usual skyline. It put me in a simple, peaceful space… and that's where the song came from. I'm thinking I'm going to have to have more earth-hours of my own to get back to being real again.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

The second is a response to the political drama currently embroiling us in Canada. 

I usually look upon our government with a combination of amusement and contempt, but our current government is the first one to actually scare me. While people around the world are rising up, aspiring to democracy, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been quietly dismantling the machinery of our democratic institutions, to the point of actually being held in contempt of Parliament — an historic and shameful precedent in Canadian history. I decided to fight back the best way I know how: with the Awesome Power of Disco. Take a listen, send this to everyone you know, and get out and vote, dammit!