In my 20-plus years as a professional musician, I had never performed a solo show of my own compositions. On July 11, 2011, I changed all that. Click “Read More” to see some videos from my debut all-originals solo show at Q Music, Toronto.

First up… a song that combines two of my favourite things: oldskool funk, and a slacker attitude. Performed “one-man-band” style with me on bass, beatboxing, voice and Rhodes, using a loopstation .

Next, a simple folk piece, guitar and voice.

Another one-man-band piece. Boy meets girl… from the future!

A little jazz-blues number asking “what if…”

Everyone wants to get paid, but nobody wants to know how dirty the money is. A song about our collective “willful ignorance”.

And finally, a piano ballad composed in memory of my dear friend, Brent Raymond