… music for hockey, that is. Dylan and his wife Suba have entered three songs in the CBC Hockey Night in Canada Anthem Challenge. They need your help to win!

Here's the backstory for my non-Canadian friends…

CBC TV's "Hockey Night in Canada" is a nationial institution, and for the past forty years they've played the same theme song. Every Canadian (sports fan or not) knows it. Some call it our "Second National Anthem", and it's as part of our culture as canoeing, Anne Murray, and beer.

But, the CBC gave up the rights to use it, and are now holding a nationwide contest to find a new theme for HNIC. So, my wife Suba Sankaran and I decided throw our touques in the rink, and we came up with three TV themes. There's a nice prize and some serious bragging rights, so we really hope we win!

 And here's how you can help…

1. Check out our anthems:

Theme #1: "OMG It's HNIC! "
Theme #2: "Hoser In Excelsis "
Theme #3: "In Stanley We Trust "

add some nice comments, and give them a nice rating.

2. Semifinalists are announced in early October: several thousand entries will be reduced to (gulp) five. If we make it, we'll let you know. At this point, it all comes down to audience voting. On October 4, the CBC will play the anthems during Hockey Night in Canada, and open the floor to voting after the program.

3. That brings it down to (double-gulp) two. The same audience-voting procedure happens on October 9.

Please check out our anthems, and let us know what you think. Game on!



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