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Featured Videos

Voice: solo a cappella

Voice: Solo a cappella

Just me, Ableton live, and my iPhone camera.

Piano: Solo Jazz

Piano: Jazz Solo

Live at the Upper Jazz Room, May 2013

Bass/Voice: Solo

Bass/Voice: Solo

An original of mine, done live-looping style.

Piano: Jazz Trio

Piano: Jazz Trio

An original of mine, with George Koller and Ben Riley.

Latest News

  • "A Cappella Arranging" on Pitch Perfect 2!

    Yes, it's true. My book, A Cappella Arranging, co-written with arranging guru Deke Sharon, has been featured in the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2. You can see the video here, and you can buy it here.


  • Interview on 91.1 Jazz.FM!

    I was recently interviewed on Toronto's premiere radio station, 91.1 Jazz.FM. You can hear the interview, and a bunch of my music, here:



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