Welcome to dylanbell.ca!

… pianist, bassist, vocalist, producer, composer, arranger, etc. It’ll take more time to describe what I do than to show you, so feel free to explore my site. I hope you like what you see and hear.


Latest News

January 2017 – As of January, I am the co-director of the SING! Toronto Vocal Arts festival, along with my artistic and life partner Suba Sankaran! After years of performing and teaching at the Festival, we are delighted to take the next step and become involved with the creation and programming sides of the festival. Stay tuned at SING! Toronto’s website for more news about the Festival.

December 2017 – Autorickshaw is recording a new album! In that quiet time between Christmas and New Year’s Day, Ed, Suba and Dylan began work on what is shaping up to be an exciting trio-only album. We’ll keep you updated as things progress.


Original Music

You’ll find examples all over the site, but take a look below to hear (and purchase) my ongoing viurtal albums. “Don’t Fix What’s Broken” covers my contemporary writing: “Alter Ego” covers just about everything else.