My parents are both teachers, and I’m the oldest of three kids: it’s no surprise that I haveteaching in my bones.

I received my B.Ed and Ontario Teacher’s Certificate in 1997, and though I never went into teaching full-time, education has always been an essential component of my musical career. I’m on faculty at Humber College, considered one of the finest programs of its kind in Canada. I’ve taught or directed groups at the University of Toronto, York University, Etobicoke School for the Arts and Claude Watson School for the Arts, to name a few. As a member of the a cappella vocal band Cadence, I brought music and music education to¬†over 60,000 schoolchildren in Canada, the US, and Asia.

Whatever I’m teaching, my educational mandate is the same: to help discover and develop the musician in everyone, and to share the excitement and passion I feel for music.

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