If Bell had written this song for a well-known artist with instruments, it could land on today’s Billboard charts. – Corey Slutsky, Recorded A Cappella Review Board, on the CARA award-winning “Don’t Fix What’s Broken”

From a neo-classical choral opus to an unabashed rock song, I’ve probably written it. I’ve been very slowly writing songs for years, but am currently devoting more time to composing. I’ve been fortunate enough to win a few songwriting awards, including the John Lennon International Songwriting Award (Best Jazz Song, 2005 Session 1) and a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (Best Pop/Rock Original, 2006). My compositions have been performed by some of Canada’s premiere ensembles, including Cadence, the Victoria Scholars, Xara Women’s Chorus, and the Canadian Chamber Choir. I’ve also co-written music for television and film libraries, including CTV and MTV Canada, and numerous animated shorts.

      Composition Demo Reel

Fortunately, since I own my own studio, I can usually record my pieces as I write them. I have a couple of albums on the go. Don’t Fix What’s Broken is centred around my more contemporary writing. Alter Ego catches all the rest, from neoclassical choral works, to a South African-flavoured piece inspired by the inauguration of President Obama, to a satirical political-disco. To buy a song or album, or to learn more about the songs and read the lyrics, simply click on the album cover. Happy listening!