… it's not a "Holiday Song" per se, but a little song about simplicity: just the right thing to get you through this crazy time of year. It's called "K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple, Sunshine)". Click "Read More" to hear the song.


K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple, Sunshine)

Copyright 2009 Dylan Bell, SOCAN/BMI


I’ve been reading a lot about the “Slow Movement” recently, in particular a book by Carl Honore called “In Praise of Slow”. The Slow Movement, in its simplest form, is a response to our hurried, harried state of being, and it inspired the lyrics to this straightforward pop piece. Take a listen, and take a look at www.slowplanet.com , and maybe you’ll be inspired too.

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You say you’re moving too fast
Don’t know how to slow it down
How long can you keep flying
Before you crash into the ground?

Forever spinning
You’re sinking while you’re swimming
I see an angel face that’s lined with worry
Forever racing
Don’t know what you’re chasing
So stop and tell me baby, what’s your hurry?

Keep it simple, Sunshine
Time to give your heart a place to land
Keep it simple, Sunshine
And you can hold forever in your hand

Do you remember sleepy mornings
Nowhere to go, no-one to be
Now I look into the mirror:
Is that shadow really me?

Forever running
Horizon never coming
And everything you seek is slipping further away
So take a good look around you
Take a breath, and follow through
It comes back double if you just start living for today

Keep it simple, Sunshine
Try to make the morning last all day
Keep it simple, Sunshine
Be careful you don’t give your soul away

Take a look at all you’ve got
Now take a look at all you’ve lost
And ask yourself
Ask yourself: is it really worth the cost?

Keep it simple, Sunshine
Time to teach your heart to understand
Keep it simple, Sunshine
And you can hold forever in your hand

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